Quarterly Report of Receiver Michele Vives (First  Quarter 2024)

Michele Vives, the duly appointed permanent receiver (the “Receiver”) of 1inMM Capital, LLC and its subsidiaries and affiliates (“1inMM”), and over assets that are attributable to funds derived from investors or clients of the above-captioned defendants (“Defendants”) or were fraudulently transferred by the Defendants (collectively, the “Estate”), pursuant to Local Rule 66-6 and the Order on Appointment of a Permanent Receiver (“Order of Appointment”) entered on January 14, 2022, hereby submits this quarterly report (the “Report”) for the period January 1, 2024 through March 30, 2024 (the “First Quarter 2024”). This Report details the Receiver’s principal activities during the First Quarter 2024 to protect and administer the Estate and to identify new assets, and lays out the Receiver’s general strategy to maximize the recovery for the benefit of investors harmed by the Ponzi scheme perpetrated by Defendants (the “1inMM Ponzi Scheme”).